The Octagon House

   in Washington, Mi ~ circa 1860

       The Loren Andrus, Octagon House, 1860,
     Washington, Michigan; 
Myths, Facts and 
     Legends is a 167 page comprehensive look
     at the history of a very unusual family
     home built during the Victorian Era at the 
     peak of the Octagonal building phenomenon.
     The book also contains chapters on the 19th
     century Octagon building philosophy, a short
     history of the Andrus family and examples of
     Octagon homes past and present. 

     The 1860 brick, Italianate octagonal structure
     is still standing today despite a long, colorful, 
     and controversial life.  The house and farm
     have survived many changes from family
     home, to restaurant, to a university agricul-
     tural extension center, to a historic home 
     museum.  Despite the constant and varied
     attention the house has always generated ---
     the Washington, Michigan Andrus Octagon
    House has been condemned twice and saved over and over again --- yet it still
    survives today as a beloved example of this unique, American architectural
    style.  The book provides an enjoyable, pictorial and factual story of this very
    special house.

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